Peter Nussbaum

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Associate professor, PhD A208E peter.nussbaum @ : +4761135198 : +4795872815


Color imaging, color theory, digital image reproduction, color management, color measurement, image quality, standardization, PSO


Dr. Peter Nussbaum obtained his MSc in imaging science from the Colour & Imaging Institute, University of Derby, GB in 2002. The MSc thesis had to investigate the factors and their impact affecting the appearance of print. He completed his PhD degree in imaging science in 2011 from the University of Oslo, Norway. The area of study was “Colour Measurement and Print Quality Assessment in a Colour Managed Printing Workflow". Peter Nussbaum is a lecturer at Gjøvik University College within the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology where he is teaching digital image reproduction and color management. Moreover, he is a member of the The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory. His professional memberships include IS&T, TAGA and IC (International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic Arts: Technology and Management) and he is a committee member of ISO/TC130 representing Norway. Before joining Gjøvik University College in September 2000, Peter Nussbaum was an Application Engineer for Colour Management and consultant for GretagMacbeth (today X-rite) in Switzerland.


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