Colourlab Workshop #1/2015 - Skin imaging

Place: Gjøvik University College, G303, February 19, 2015

Understanding the properties of skin and how to properly perform image based measurements of this important tissue has great importance in many fields, such as cosmetics, computer graphics, consumer imaging, and dermatology. The main motivation and thus focus for this first Colourlab workshop of the year comes from the latter field, as it is funded by the Regional Research Foundation Innlandet in the context of our plans for an EU project proposal within the field of imaging for improved skin lesion diagnosis.

0930-1100: Emre Celebi (Louisiana State University), "Dermoscopy Image Analysis: Advances and Prospects"

1100-1110: Kajsa Møllersen (Univ. Tromsø/GUC), "Improved skin lesion diagnostics for general practice by computer aided diagnostics"

1110-1140: Thomas Roger Schopf (Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine, Tromsø), "Dermatoscopic-pathologic correlation in pigmented skin lesions" 

1140-1200: Discussion

1200-1300: Lunch

1300-1340: Kaida Xiao (Univ. Liverpool), "Uncertainty of skin colour measurement and skin reflectance re-construction"

1340-1420: Ronnier Luo (Leeds University/Zhejiang University), "Measuring skin colours"

1420-1450: Discussion and Coffee break

1450-1510: Carlos Arango (GUC/CIMET master student) “Skin lesion segmentation in spectral images”

1510-1530: Kajsa Møllersen (Univ. Tromsø/GUC) “A dynamic model for colours in benign skin lesions”

1530-1600: Discussion

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