Colourlab Workshop #3/2015: Fluorescence (01.09.15)

Place: Gjøvik University College,

Time: 0900-1300, 1st of September, 2015

In printing, most colour reproduction workflows and models assume that the amount of light reflected from the print (radiance or reflectance factor) is independent of the light source, while the perceived colour depends on the observer and the viewing environment, in addition to the reflectance factor. However, almost all commercial paper substrates make use of fluorescent whitening agents (FWA) to increase the perceived whiteness. When fluorescence is present, the reflectance factor is no longer independent of the light source and this can lead to significant colour mismatch. In this workshop, we will discuss recent advances in the modelling and the characterisation of fluorescence and how this can be implemented in current colour reproduction workflows.

9.00   S. Tominaga, Introduction to fluorescence, Donaldson matrix and its estimation using two illuminant projections.
9.40   L. Coppel, Modelling fluorescence in paper.
10.10 S. Tominaga, Bidirectional Characteristics of Fluorescent Objects.
10.30 Coffee break
10.45 L. Coppel, Angular dependence of fluorescence and effect of illumination.
11.05 L. Coppel, Fluorescence in halftone prints.
11.30 S. Tominaga, Bispectral Interreflection Estimation of Fluorescent Objects.
12.00  lunch

Program can change.

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