Colourlab Workshop #3/2016: Materials with Dynamic Colour Change and Measurement Setup

The third Colourlab Workshop of 2016 takes place at NTNU in Gjøvik on the 3rd of June. The topic is "Materials with Dynamic Colour Change and Measurement Setup". The workshop chair Aditya Sole is very proud to present you with an exciting programme with two international speakers Assistant Professor Ondrej Panak and Assistant Professor Petr Janicek  from Pardubice University. The programme will be as follows:

Room: A232
When: June 3rd, 2016 

Aditya Sole: Workshop Introduction (kl. 10:00 – 10:05)
Ondrej Panak: Pigments for Special effect applications (kl. 10:05 – 10:30)
Petr Janicek: Ellipsometer as a device for multi-angle measurement (kl. 10:35 – 11:00)
Nina Basic: Gonio-spectrometric space curve for gonio-apparant samples (kl. 11:05 – 11:35)
Ondrej Panak: Dynamic Colour Change of Thermo-chromic materials (kl. 11:40 – 11:55)
Aditya Sole: Image based multi-angle measurement setup – An introduction (kl. 12:00 – 12:15)
You are very welcome to join the presentations and discussions.

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