Colourlab Workshop #4/2014: Images, spectra, and applications

Once more the Colourlab is the arena for sharing and discussion of the latest research in colour image processing. In our fourth Colourlab Workshop of the year, on Tuesday June 17th at 08:30, in E212, we present a broad programme, with a mix of distinguished guests (from France, China, and Japan) and our very own  PhD students. Hope to see many of you there, for all or parts of the workshop – do not hesitate to bring a student and/or friend !

Final program:

08:30: Image Ontology and Databases - an overview, Kokou Yetongnon, Professor, Université de Bourgogne
09:00: Clifford Algebra and its application in Color and Multispectral Imaging, Pierre Gouton, Professor, Université de Bourgogne

09:30: Coffee break

10:00: Chateau Germolles wall painting acquisition, calibration, and analysis, Ferdinand Deger, PhD student, GUC & Université de Bourgogne

10:30: Narrow versus broad band filters for SFA-based multispectral imaging, Xingbo Wang, PhD student, GUC & Université de Bourgogne
11:00: Challenges and opportunities of spectral colour management, Srikrishna Nudurumati, PhD student, GUC

11:30: Another break

12:00: Measurement and Modeling of Bidirectional Characteristics of Fluorescent Objects, Shoji Tominaga, Senior Researcher, Chiba University

12:30: Paper-based 3D printing, Zhaohui Wang, Associate Professor, Hainan University

13:00: Lunch on your own – however we recommend our very nice canteen where we will reserve a table 

Prof. Jon Hardeberg will chair the workshop.

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