Workshop #2/2014: Colour, Light, and Imaging

We would like to invite all who are interested in Colour, light and imaging in the second Colourlab Workshop of 2014 to be held on 20th May at room G303. Distinguished internal and external speakers from Tromsø (a.k.a Paris of the North) and Paris (the real deal) will give interesting talks during the workshop.

No registration required as you may pick up your own lunch in the canteen.


09:00 Bringing metameric blacks into the light, Francoise Viénot, Prof. Emeritus, French Natural History Museum, Paris

10:00 Colour Matching Observer Variability, Skrikrishna Nudurumati , PhD student, Colourlab

10:15 Coffee break

10:30 Quality in LED-based multispectral imaging, Raju Shrestha, PhD student, Colourlab/Univ. Oslo

10:45 State of the art CFA demosaicking, Xingbo Wang, PhD student, Colourlab/Univ. Dijon

11:00 Colour analysis of pigmented skin lesions in noisy images, Kajsa Møllersen, PhD student,  Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine, Tromsø, Norway

11:30 Free discussion/break

12:00 Colour Lunch, featuring: On spectral distances and median filters, Hilda Deborah, PhD student, Colourlab/Univ. Poitiers

Jon Yngve Hardeberg will chair the workshop.

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