Colourlab Workshop #5 /2016: Opportunities and challenges in cultural heritage digitization

Place:  G303 (“Ørneredet”), NTNU Gjøvik

Date: 16 / August /2016

Chair: Dr. Sony George


The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory ( ), NTNU is pleased to announce its fifth workshop of the year 2016. We have international experts from multidisciplinary domains- conservation, digitization, computer graphics, high performance computing to present their experience and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the field of cultural heritage digitization.


No registration is required. All are welcome to join the presentations and discussions.





Visual analysis of multispectral data;Andreas Kolb (University of Siegen, Germany)




Communicating architectural finishes uncovered in historic interiors: How to disseminate findings digitally;Edwin Verweij (Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research, Oslo)




Lunch break
1245 Experiences and outcomes on the digitization, reconstruction and visualization of Cultural Heritage; Cristina Portales (Universitat de València, Spain)



High Performance Computing for CH digitization: Challenges and opportunities; Juan Gómez-Luna (University of Córdoba, Spain)



Discussion session and closing of the workshop


Short Biographies of the speakers:


Prof. Andreas Kolb is the head of the Computer Graphics and Multimedia Systems Group, University of Siegen, Germany. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Erlangen, Germany, in 1995, under the supervision of Prof. H.-P. Seidel. He is spokesman of the Research Training Group “Imaging New Modalities”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). His research interests are computer graphics and computer vision, including particle-based simulation and visualization, lightfields, real-time processing and visualization of sensor data.


Edwin Verweij is a conservator and architectural finishes researcher. Trained as a paintings conservator, now specialized in historical buildings and their interiors from the 16th century onwards.

Main research area is the decorative developments in historical interiors with the focus on decoration and painting techniques, development of colour schemes and the analysis of the materials that were applied as well as their ageing properties.

After a studying both museology and paintings conservation Edwin have been self-employed within the field of building conservation since the 1990s in the Netherlands. Since 2007 he hold a position at the Norwegian institute for cultural heritage research in Oslo.  Have been assistant coordinator for the ICOM-Conservation Committee working group for Sculpture, Polychromy and Architectural Decoration since 2011 and is currently developing software to document and report findings from a building survey in collaboration with a Swedish company.


Dr. Cristina Portales, ‎Researcher at en Instituto de Robótica y Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones (IRTIC), Universitat de València. She obtained Master of Surveying and Geoinformation from the Vienna University of Technology (2002) Engineer in Geodesy and Cartography (2003) from the UPV. Doctor Cum Laude in Visual Arts and Intermedia (2008) from the UPV. Doctoral Thesis title: "Augmented Reality Environments in the Field of Art”. In 2004 she was awarded a Training of Research Personnel research grant by the Ministry of Education and Science, to join the Light Laboratory (UPV, Department of Painting) and collaborate on the project "Augmented Perception: a Dual System of Augmented Reality". She is currently researching on the calibration of cameras/projectors and advanced 3D reconstruction techniques based on structured light techniques. Her main research interests include Augmented reality, Human-computer-interaction, 3D acquisition & reconstruction, Multispectral analysis, Arts/science/technology etc.


Dr. Juan Gómez-Luna received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Sevilla, Spain, in 2001, and the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Córdoba, Spain, in 2012. Since 2005, he has been a lecturer at the University of Córdoba. His research interests focus on the parallelization and optimization of applications, such as image and video processing, on GPUs and heterogeneous systems.

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