Spectral Analysis

The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory is a research group within the Media Technology Laboratory and Faculty of Computer Science and Media Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It was founded in spring 2001 to serve the rising needs for colour management solutions in the graphic arts industry.

Since its foundation the scope of interest has grown to cover colour science, colour imaging, image processing, and video processing in a broader sense, and our vision is to be one of the best research groups in this field. To achieve this vision the group employs a number of researchers with a broad competence basis in fields such as graphic arts, colour imaging science, media technology, computer science, signal processing, physics, image processing, video processing. We also maintain an interactive open environment with strong national and international collaborators both in academia and industry. This has resulted in a wide range of fundamental and applied research projects which the group is actively involved in. Further, the group has a large number of well-equipped laboratories and conference facilities.