Aditya Suneel Sole

Portrettbilde av Aditya Suneel Sole
PhD researcher, Project Manager A209 adityas @ : 61135168 : 94 16 55 42



MSc  in Digital Colour Imaging,

Bachelors  in Printing Engg and Graphic Communication

Work experience

As a Laboratory engineer

  • Part of the PSO audit team at the Colourlab (
  • Writing and co-ordinating research project proposals for funding under the EU funding call Marie Curie ITN. 
  • Laboratory responsibility for calibrating and documenting the colour imaging and measurement devices in the laboratory.
  • Part of the consultation team for ISO standardisation projects in the Norwegian graphic arts industry.


Current activities

Project Manager: Working as a project manager for the EU funded project CP7.0 ( under the Marie Curie ITN call of 2011.

PhD researcher: Focus of my PhD research is to develop and evaluate procedures for measuring the visual appearance of non-diffuse materials. The procedures should be practically feasible for use in graphic arts and packaging industries, considering aspects such as measurement geometry, interpretation, analysis and visualization of the measurement data, as well as their correlations with visual appearance as perceived by human observers.



Technical Skills

Colour Science and Imaging - Color measurement, Print proofing, Implementation of ISO standards for soft-proofing and hard-proofing in a standardized printing workflow, Color management demonstrations and workshops. Research project administration and co-ordination

Professional Skills

Project Management, Co-ordination, Grant proposal writing, Latex, MS Office, Matlab



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