Colourlab Workshop #1/2017: Consistent Colour Appearance

The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory at NTNU invites you to its workshop on ‘Consistent Colour Appearance’ as part of the MUVApp project.

No registration is required. All are welcome to join the presentations and discussions.
Date: Monday 9th January 2017
Time: 9.00 – 12.30
Location: K109, Gjøvik Campus
Programme Outline
9.00 Coffee
9.15 Welcome and introductions
9.30 Outline of CIE Technical Committee
10.00 Research at NTNU – Consistent colour appearance
10.20 Research at Yamagata University
10.40 Review of research at other institutions
11.00 Short presentations
 ·         Yuteng Zhu – Methods for measurement of consistent colour appearance
 ·         Shining Ma – Psychophysical experiments for determining consistent colour appearance
 ·         Theresa Deschner  – reflections on an experiment for media-relative gamut mapping
 ·         Yuan Ping – reflections on an experiment for mapping common colour appearance
12.00 Discussions
12.30 Close
We will be joined by the co-chair of the CIE Technical Committee,  Prof. Yasuki Yamauchi from the Department of Informatics, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamagata University

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