Colourlab Workshop #8/2016: Deep learning for imaging

Following the NOBIM General Assembly at 13:15 and a brief tour of the labs, NOBIM ( and the Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory ( are happy to invite you to a joint NOBIM Evening Seminar and Colourlab Workshop #8/2016 around the topic of “Deep learning for imaging.” This all happens at NTNU in Gjøvik, G building, Room G303 on Tuesday December 20th .


Following the scientific presentations and discussions, NOBIM sponsors pizza and soda; therefore please send an email to Jan Tore at if you plan to attend.


The tentative programme is as follows:

15:00-15:30 Robert Jenssen (Professor, UiT, Tromsø): Learning about and from Deep Learning

15:40-15:55 Ali Amirshahi (Postdoc, NTNU in Gjøvik and Univ. Paris 13): Image Quality Assessment by Comparing CNN Features Between Images


15:55-16:10 Coffee break


16:10-16:20 Mobib Ullah (PhD, NTNU in Gjøvik): Multi-Target Tracking Using Handcrafted and Deep Features (Skype)

16:25-16:35 Thomas Majtner (Postdoc, NTNU in Gjøvik): Combining Deep Learning and Hand-Crafted Features for Skin Lesion Classification (Skype)

16:40-16:55 Robert Jenssen (Professor, UiT, Tromsø), Semantic Segmentation of Small Objects and Modeling of Uncertainty in Urban Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (15 minutes)


16:55-17:30 Discussion – Is deep learning all what it’s hyped to be?

17:30-18:30 Pizza!

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